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TFGP IS MORE THAN JUST A PODCAST! It’s a celebration of all things Geek, Nerd, OTAKU and everything that falls in the cracks between.


Apr 8, 2019

In this episode Eric speaks to Travis Youngquist, and Kerry O'Quinn about their upcoming independent film, Evil For Dinner. Eric also talks to Kerry about his work on the Starlog, and Fangoria magazines, amongst other topics.

You can find more information about the Evil For Dinner fundraiser at

Later Eric talks to Lachlan, and Mike about his experience watching DC's Shazam! two weeks before it's official release in theaters (spoiler free). Eric, and Mike also try Jalapeno M&Ms for the first time.

We would also like to announce that we are going to COMICPALOOZA!  We have been excepted into their podcast program, and will be there between Friday, May 10th, and Sunday May 12th.  You can get tickets, and find out more about this years Comicpalooza at